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Why is Colombia a good option for Staff Augmentation?

Colombia has become one of the primary destinations for Staff Augmentation and BPOs.  According to the Offshore BPO Confidence Index rankings, Colombia is ahead of major players such as India, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico and topped the list with 85.1%.

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“The rate reflects the investors’ growing confidence and the National Government’s commitment to the BPO industry, which is an engine of development and opportunities. It is also part of initiatives such as the Pacts for Economic Growth. Thanks to our highly qualified talent and other competitive advantages, this sector will continue to be a source of employment and will contribute to the boom in service exports, as well as to Colombia’s economic reactivation,” Flavia Santoro, ProColombia president.


Colombia’s strengths include the availability of qualified talent, competitive rates, tax benefits, and a strategic geographical location, which are all crucial for nearshore operations and attractive to international companies.


As mentioned in the article Medellin, a great Nearshoring potential for the American market” many nearshore projects are choosing Medellín to outsource software development, provide support to their current clients, set up their own operations, and even establish strategic alliances with local entities. Medellín is an ideal destination for nearshoring given the qualified and affordable labor force available to work in similar time zones as many prominent North American cities and with English fluency and proven technology experience. 


The outsourcing sector generates more than 690,000 jobs in Colombia, and Doctus is excited to be a part of the country’s staff augmentation and BPO industry.

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