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Which is the best B2B eCommerce option: VTEX VS SHOPIFY

Choosing the best platform to implement your eCommerce is one of the first steps that you must take into account in your work plan, it is even one of the most difficult steps, for this, you must make a thorough analysis that allows you to make the best decision taking into account some very important factors like functionalities, infrastructure, and costs. Here we are going to provide you with some comparative data to make your decision easier.


What is VTEX?

VTEX is a cloud platform with which you can create your eCommerce. Ecommerce in a broad sense: VTEX allows you to create a B2C, B2B, omnichannel business, or even a marketplace. It is a technology that is based on microservices, in order to offer high scalability and security from a unique and uniform code capable of adapting to the objectives and standards of each client.


What is Shopify?

Shopify is a CMS for eCommerce that allows you to design your online store to your own preferences without the need for programming knowledge. The interface is very flexible and the process of building the store is very intuitive and efficient without wasting time on navigation.


When you choose the platform under which your B2B eCommerce is created, you must take into account that it is possible to achieve your business objectives, the presentation of your brand, and the needs of your users.

With Vtex you can have several stores with a single installation. It is integrated with analytics to be able to track the KPIs you set.


To get good positioning, Vtex has the necessary plugins to achieve it. The design will always be responsive for a better shopping experience.


Ecommerce B2B Vtex y shopify Doctus 2

Shopify allows you to sell through dropshipping (Dropshipping is a method of shipping and delivery of retail orders in which it is not necessary for the store to have the products it sells) with applications like Ordoro, eCommHub, or Inventory Source.


The bandwidth is unlimited to avoid collapse in the store due to the number of visitors. The service is very fast because it accepts and manages customer orders in a matter of seconds..


Ecommerce B2B Vtex y shopify Doctus 3

Below, we share some comparisons by service category that can be very useful when making a decision between these two platforms.


Ecommerce B2B Vtex y shopify Doctus 4
Ecommerce B2B Vtex y shopify Doctus 5
Ecommerce B2B Vtex y shopify Doctus 6
Ecommerce B2B Vtex y shopify Doctus 1

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