Seguros Sura (insurances)

Suramericana S.A. is one of the largest Latin American companies in the insurance sector. It has presence in nine countries, where it is known as Seguros SURA. In Colombia, the company also participates in the social security sector, through EPS SURA (Healthcare industry), ARL SURA (labor insurances), Dinámica and Risk Management Consulting, among other services.

It is recognized for its experience of more than 75 years in the market.

It is distinguished by its multi-segment, multi-channel and multi-region offerings to its more than 17 million customers, with insurance solutions and the management of trends and risks.

Sura offers sustainable welfare solutions to people and organizations. It is a subsidiary of SURA Group, which holds 81.1% of the company. The German company Münchener Rück AG owns the remaining 18.9%.

Revenues in 2018 for Seguros Sura were USD 177.45 Million, with Investments in social development for USD 2.81 million, Also with a Net income of USD 5.4 billion and a technical result of USD 804.21 million by 2018.

In the Familia’s 2018 report, the company declared to count with: 

  • 33,204 providers
  • Total amount paid out for salaries and benefits for USD 358.73 Million
  • 17.2 Million of clients for all the locations

Currently, Sura has operations and commercial presence in Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

The Company ended 2018 with a total of 17,745 employees at their locations.

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