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Staff Augmentation: Digital talent for your business

Doctus is a North American company currently operating in Miami and Colombia, here you can find a strategic and expert partner for your software development needs, we currently have a service called Staff Augmentation, is a flexible outsourcing strategy that allows you to hire technology talent worldwide, choose from candidates that fit the requirements and add them to the team when needed.


Our expert staff is conformed by diverse profiles of design, web development, mobile, architects, devops, backend and frontend that participate in the whole development life cycle, in the following technologies:

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If you want to boost your team, ” staff augmentation ” is the most effective way for you and your business.

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  1. It reduces costs because this system allows companies to develop their business without assuming the costs of an internal team (search, selection, hiring, salary, contributions, compensation, vacations, training, etc.). The staff that is added is employed directly by the supplier, which acts as a strategic partner, thus exempting the contracting company from contractual responsibilities.
  2. It makes it possible to create the perfect team. Companies can access the talent they need. The hiring company can focus exclusively on business growth and development.
  3. Increases efficiency and saves management time. The company guarantees process compliance control and quantitative and qualitative analysis of the work performed.

You gain in costs, time and flexibility for each of your developments.

IT Staff Augmentation is a flexible developer outsourcing solution that is designed to add qualified talent to your internal development teams and boost them to their full potential.

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With a larger, stronger and more specialized work team, the company’s productivity increases considerably. This places the company in a better position in such a competitive market, being able to compare itself with the best companies in its field. In addition, staff hired via Staff Augmentation tends to provide higher and better results. By working with a single client, the team gives its best to achieve the best possible results.

This need for qualified staff, although it has always existed, has increased nowadays, due to the fact that many companies have increased their revenues and consequently the need for technology staff to improve and automate their processes in addition to the support of such developments.


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