Web/Mobile Development

We understand the needs of each client to digitize solutions and create web or mobile applications as required by businesses and their clients. We develop web and mobile applications based on the latest technologies, achieving an adequate balance between an optimal user experience and a software architecture that is scalable over time.

  • Custom development: We develop custom software to solve particular business needs. It is impossible to have a standard tool or application that helps us systematize our clients’ operations.
  • IOS & Android mobile application development: We develop mobile applications in Xamarin and native language to provide digital solutions to needs where end users and businesses are the best solutions.
  • Integrations with other platforms: Doctus has the experience and highly trained technical team to integrate custom-developed solutions with different business management platforms such as SAP systems, ERP systems, POSs, inter-business systems, among others., Through Apis, web services; to optimize or automate processes.
  • Cloud Computing: We delegate the management of cloud resources to manage platforms more efficiently. We focus on storage, access to information, communication between resources, providing services, and application development.


Competitiveness: We know that the potential of the software lies in creating a direct connection with customers through digital channels. We help with the agile implementation of these solutions.

Adaptation to change: We develop applications using modern methodologies applying the best available technologies.

Transform data into knowledge: We design and develop solutions that allow data to generate new knowledge that helps decision-making and define new strategies.


Understand the problem domain

Solution design

Implementation of the solution

Quality control and assurance

Productive deployment