Product Design

Our Product Design methodology is the first Zero step before any development, which offers you many benefits

  • Achieve successful results.
  • Optimize the investment of money and time
  • Know clearly what to do before starting to build
  • Offer real solutions beyond technological developments.
  • Find out from scratch when it is much more feasible and cost-effective to modify and change what is necessary

The right methodology

en at the right time.


As a project progresses it is more difficult and costly to make modifications or reprocess, through “Product Design” you avoid changes and errors in the phases where it is more expensive.

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No matter what stage your idea is in, it is always time for Product Design

Our methodology works whether you have just an idea or if your project is at an advanced stage.

Start from


You still don’t know exactly what you need to do, your idea is very general and you need an initial approach.

You need to

define the scope.

Although you are clear about the requirement, you still don’t know what the development you need should look like.

You are clear about

your requirement

You know exactly the flow and experience you want to offer to the end user and you are ready
for development.

How does our Product Design methodology work?


We start from the most basic and general up to the end product solution.


It is where we empathize and have a clear context of the customer’s need. An action plan is also defined.



It is the phase of creativity and analysis, where the outcome of the inception phase is transformed into clear ideas.



We will review the current flows and define the MVP (minimum viable product) based on this.



We transform the ideas into reality through the visuals of the graphic interfaces and define how the technical execution of the development will be.

More services that are

part of Product Design

Our methodology is versatile and allows us to offer you different research and testing essential services to guarantee success before the development starts.

UI/UX Design:

We design the visual and navigation of digital platforms, with the user experience in mind.

UX Strategies:

We design high and low-definition prototypes, creating touch points between the platform, user needs and business problems.

Prototype validation:

We perform real, fast and cost-effective market tests, presenting the prototype to end users, determining its success or points of improvement before development, to save time, money and effort.

Design guideline:

We create the basic graphic components for the development of high-definition user interfaces, which will be used transversally for the whole company in other developments.


We perform the technical approach of the solution, including architecture layers, web services, infrastructure, design patterns, repositories, and so on.

This methodology is applicable to all types of developments, from web design to corporate ecommerce or app development.