Our service allows us to maintain that the applications are appropriately cared for by the hands of an expert team, offering a continuous and sustainable service over time.

  • Preventive: We seek to minimize incidents, fine-tune the infrastructure, do periodic reviews, make reports, make recommendations for improvement and monitor the status of the applications.
  • Corrective: We provide solutions to incidents according to the response times necessary to minimize the impact to users. We analyze the causes of persistent incidents to deliver root cause solutions.


Availability: The operation of the software is ensured, and the support team will resolve all doubts that may arise.

Focus on business: They allow companies to focus on what matters: their business.

Productivity and Competitiveness: We ensure that users can make proper use of the applications, and we strengthen the security, trust, and confidentiality of the information stored in their systems.


Service design

We devise the service considering the key factors: Available infrastructure, personnel training, security, and disaster prevention.

Service transition

We analyze the information available about the actual level of training of the users, the state of the infrastructure, and other public resources to guarantee the correct management of changes, knowledge, deployments, and assets of our clients.

Service operation

We actively and passively monitor the process of the applications, manage the events, incidents, problems, requests, and required access to the service, guaranteeing the necessary level of attention by users.

Continued improvement on CBA’s

We use measurement and feedback tools and techniques to document information regarding the operation of the service and the solutions implemented.