Application monitoring, support and administration

Our service allows us to maintain the applications properly cared for by an expert team, offering a continuous and sustainable service over time.

  • Preventive: We seek to minimize incidents, fine-tune the infrastructure, carry out periodic reviews, prepare reports, make recommendations for improvement, and we constantly monitor the status of the applications.
  • Corrective: We provide solutions to incidents according to the response times necessary to minimize the impact to users, we analyze the causes of persistent incidents to deliver root cause solutions.


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Availability: Software operation is assured and all doubts that may arise will be solved by the support team.

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Business focus: Allow companies to focus on what really matters: their business.

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Productivity and competitiveness: We ensure that users can make proper use of the applications and strengthen the security, trust and confidentiality of the information stored in their systems.


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Service design

We design the service considering the key factors: available infrastructure, staff training, security and disaster prevention.

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Service transition

We analyze the available information about the actual level of user training, infrastructure status, and other available resources to ensure the proper change management, knowledge, deployments and customer assets.

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Service operation

We actively and passively monitor the functioning of the applications, manage events, incidents, problems, requests and accesses to the required service, guaranteeing the level of attention required by the users.

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Continuous service improvement

We use measurement and feedback tools and techniques to document information regarding service performance and implemented solutions.

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