Dedicated teams (Agile)

We form multidisciplinary teams that help deliver value in an incremental and recurring way to the business, clients, products, and services provided by our clients.

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  • Analysis and Design of Solutions: We identify the needs of our clients and design solutions applying the best practices to meet users’ functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Implementation of Solutions: We implement digital applications on different web / mobile platforms and technologies to meet users’ needs.



Collaboration: We work together for a shared vision through the interdisciplinary and transversal work of teams empowered by frequent value delivery.

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Adaptation to change: Changing course and adapting to a changing context, we can incorporate the client’s vision at all times, delivering solutions that genuinely add value to the client on an ongoing basis.


Constant deliveries: Software functioning as the best measure of progress allows the continuous delivery of value to the client to see results as soon as possible.




We form the interdisciplinary work team aligning to the needs of each service.



We make the other agreements that ensure the execution of the service: rules, policies, framework, restrictions, communications, Done, Ready.



With our self-organized and multi-functional team, we execute the different iterations (Sprint) that achieve the development of solutions aligned to the needs of the business and with high quality.


Continuous Integration

We apply continuous integration as a practice to integrate changes in the code periodically, achieving control and quality assurance automatically.

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