Currently, Grupo Familia has more than 3,000 external collaborators who are part of the sales force to serve the different sales channels nationwide with brands such as We, Petys, Pomys, Tena, Familia, Pequeñín. All this sales force must be aligned according to the brand, sales channel, and area in which it works on issues such as prices for each presentation and brand, new product launches, brand display, location of POP material, and various events.


  • Establish an effective communication channel other than email since it was not possible to guarantee that the email would arrive, that they would read and understand it.
  • Manage and disseminate a communication segmented by region, sales channel, brand, position, type of business, among others, so that users can access the information they only require. 
  • Measure by user and content the reading of the users who reached them according to the segmentation.
  • Have templates for specific types of content, such as events, with particular fields to ensure that the required information is disseminated.
  • Evaluate the level of understanding of the content presented.


  • We design and develop a mobile application for iOS and Android, with a content manager allows segmenting information by brand, position, type of business, nationwide location, and sales channel.
  • Notifications were implemented that tell users what content is pending to be read. The reading record is saved by document and user to analyze how many people the message reached. 
  • Forms were designed according to the type of content to be published; managed through the content manager. These forms are displayed in the mobile application as HTML.
  • Quick surveys related to content were developed that allow evaluating the assimilation of published information.
  • Users can access the various previously viewed content without having internet.


WEB TECHNOLOGY: Administrador de contenido .Net

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I highlight the organization, there is structure and order, which gives confidence at the time of attending to projects in order to meet the objectives. Doctus adds value and growth to our company through Argos One by providing effective solutions adapted to our needs.

Alex Sarabia

Digital Solutions Professional
Doctus has become a strategic ally, fundamental for the operation, since the portal we develop together is our business CORE.

Santiago Echeverry

CEO Kompras BPO
grupo exito
I would like to highlight that Doctus' service is excellent as well as the product development performance from the beginning to the support. The whole team is very diligent and very well-disposed.

Maribel Henao

Applications Analyst | Marketing Vice-Presidency

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