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Some time ago, Grupo Familia brands and especially Pequeñin, in the traditional channel (Stores) had very little brand presence, affecting sales and favoring competition. Since in the gondolas of the stores, the product was not visible, nor did they have considerable volumes


  • Increase the presence and visibility of Grupo Familia brands on store shelves.
  • Communicate to sellers the ideal display structure to be achieved with Grupo Familia brands
  • Increase market share of brands such as: We, Pequeñin, Familia, Petys, Pomys, Tena


  • We design and develop a web application with a content manager, where the sales force can access the ideal exhibition, which shows how the shelf of products of the Grupo Familia brands should look.
  • A contest was established, where sellers register the stores they want, and that belong to their assigned area to transform it.
  • The seller records the store’s evolution on the platform through photographs where the before and after are evidenced until a gondola is achieved in each store as the ideal display benchmark.
  • The stores are rated by the coordinators and can give recommendations or comments to the sellers.
  • The store classified as IDEAL STORE is awarded, and the shopkeeper receives a gift to build loyalty.
  • From the administrator, you can access the reports of the stores by zone and executive

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