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Argos is a multinational company with excellent positioning and penetration in the market. The volumes of orders from concrete and cement suppliers are in large quantities and had been presenting various problems compared to the maintainability of the call center for taking orders, reducing customer service capacity, and putting the quality of commercial management at risk and, therefore, customer service satisfaction.


  • Minimize call center costs
  • Expand the capacity of customer service, and that was in real-time.
  • Have control of orders by a customer to track delivery dates and guarantee service.
  • Have control of invoices and provide access to customers.


  • We design and develop a platform for the client’s self-management to place his orders online for cement and concrete.
  • It has a content manager where users, products, and their presentations are managed.
  • A web application and a mobile application were implemented, to which customers have access to place their orders from the device they have at their fingertips.
  • From the platform, several orders can be made simultaneously, from several countries, in real-time.
  • Allows you to make payments electronically.
  • Allows access to the orders placed and invoices generated report.