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Improve your online sales with Doctus ecommerce diagnosis

E-commerce is an innovative tool that allows you to increase the sale of your products. Through the Internet and the various payment methods, users can engage in this activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which means that the service is available so that customers can make a purchase whenever they want, without time constraints. This is one of the main values of having an ecommerce, whether B2B or B2C.


An ecommerce is part of the sales force of an organization, and therefore it is essential to monitor, evaluate and improve it, for this reason Doctus created a completely free tool that allows brands and organizations to know the status of their online store.


This diagnostic is available for B2B or B2C ecommerce and consists of the 3 following steps:

Step 1: Applied knowledge


An explanation of the key modules of an e-commerce system

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Step 2: State of readiness/ Roadmap


Together with the client, we engage in an accurate conversation to determine the state of readiness of the organization technologically, focusing on the online sales platform. Based on this conversation, a roadmap is proposed to strengthen the weak points that may arise. The topics covered at this point are:


Digital Ecosystem: Solution architecture, is there a digital ecosystem?


Business rules: How well defined are the business rules for each client? 


Information systems: Where is the information hosted, is there a DataWareHouse or middleware?


User experience: Convenience, Speed, Options, Accuracy.


Customer Process: Customer lifecycle management.


Integrations: What should we integrate to? How many integrations should be done?


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Los temas que se tratan en este punto son:


Ecosistema Digital: Arquitectura de soluciones, ¿tienen su ecosistema digital?


Reglas de negocio: ¿Qué tan definidas están las reglas de negocio para cada cliente?


Sistemas de información: ¿Dónde está alojada la información? ¿Hay un DataWareHouse o un middleware?


Experiencia de usuario: Conveniencia, Velocidad, Opciones, Exactitud.


Proceso del cliente: Administración del ciclo de vida del cliente.


Integraciones: ¿A qué nos debemos integrar? ¿Cuántas integraciones se deben hacer?

This conversation is guided by one of our sales representatives through a questionnaire such as a personalized test, each question gives a score that will help us to establish the necessary maturity and strengthening of the platform.


Step 3: Priorization


Based on the results of the questionnaire and after understanding the client’s needs, we determine what is the most urgent and important to implement. Using these tools, the Doctus team will design an MVP and a series of phases to strengthen your ecommerce and enhance this sales tool.


This is how the diagnosis of your online sales platform is performed, so do not miss the opportunity and request your test for free and without any obligation. This way you will be able to increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

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