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Fulfillment: a way to build b2b customer loyalty

“Fulfillment” is the process to fulfill the customer’s order who made his purchase online. Nowadays, the customer wants his product delivered safely, securely, completely, and worry-free.

Fulfillment is an important part of your e-commerce in terms of the logistics process, and it specifically refers to the storage, reception, preparation, and also shipment of products to the consumers.


During the “fulfillment” stage, several factors from the supply chain are coordinated in order to achieve customer satisfaction. In the process of “fulfillment”, the goal is to generate a work methodology designed to improve service, reduce costs and increase the profitability of your e-commerce from the time an order is generated until it is shipped to the final customer.

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It is essential to recognize the “fulfillment” process of your e-commerce, it will allow you to meet expectations, fulfill your commitments to your customers and keep the door open for them to come back.


The e-commerce fulfillment process can be classified into three different stages:

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It is essential to be fast, efficient, and responsive to your customers’ requirements because the goal is to provide them with the best service in order to generate a satisfactory experience. Keep in mind that a happy customer will not only return to your e-commerce, but will also recommend your business. After all, a satisfied customer is the best marketing.


If you want to achieve this, you should verify that your fulfillment process is accurate, that your customer’s order is delivered in excellent condition, make sure that you offer a good service, that you inform about the shipment status, also that you provide return and refund options and finally that you allow customer feedback. You can rely on Doctus for this implementation, or we can also help you to improve what you currently have.

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