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Business Benefits of Implementing Google Analytics

Nowadays, almost every business or company has websites or mobile applications, either for product sales, corporate pages, internal applications to automate a process or to reduce the operability. The implementation of Google Analytics allows you to obtain statistics and tools to measure the effectiveness of your goals in any of your digital solutions. But first of all, let’s understand what is…

What is Google Analytics?

It is a free Google tool designed to collect statistics about navigation and actions performed by users visiting a website. To use Google Analytics, it is necessary to establish KPI’s and measurement objectives relevant to the business, and you must have a Google account and install the code provided when you register. With these definitions, an expert team like Doctus can support you, if you require our support click here.


The main data available are:

  • Number of total and unique visitors: Unique visits are all visitors who came to your page at least once. If they came ten times, this index will count as one visit. Total visits count all visits, regardless of whether a user visited once or ten times.
  • Number of new and old visits: The number of new visits refers to people who have never visited your site before. The number of old visits refers to those who are visiting your site for the second time or more.
  • Average page views: This is the average number of pages viewed by visits to a website. The higher this number is, it means that we have quality content that motivates visitors to see more. If this average is close to 1, it is a bad sign, because it indicates that after viewing a page visitors leave our website.
  • Origin of visits: Through Google Analytics, we can know where our visits come from. For example, users who come directly to your site (by typing the URL), through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), through external links (from other websites), or through other sources for example Facebook, your email marketing campaign, etc.
  • Visits coming from organic searches or AdWords ads: This data is very relevant, because it guides us to maintain, enhance or correct our marketing efforts to generate relevant web traffic, either through SEO or paid ads on Google.
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  • Duration of visit: This is how long a visitor stays on the site. If they stay longer, it is assumed that the site’s content is more relevant.
  • Ranking of most viewed pages: List of the pages with the most daily, weekly, monthly, etc. visits. Generally, it will be the Home page the one that concentrates the highest number of visits, however, we can make a comparison between the content that attracts more visits and the one that generates less interest.
  • Search terms that originate a visit: Phrases or words entered in search engines that originated a visit to the site. This way, you will know which are the words or phrases for which your web page is appearing in Google.
  • Bounce rate and abandonment rate: The first one measures the number of visits that only saw the page where they clicked and then left the site. The second one, on the other hand, will show us the pages on which visitors leave our website. It is necessary to identify these pages and improve them.
  • Conversions: You will be able to record the number of conversions (a purchase, a quote, a form fill, a file download, etc.) that are being generated on your website. Later, this will allow you to evaluate and compare whether your conversions are coming from Google AdWords, SEO, email campaigns, Facebook, etc.
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Google Analytics Advantages

  • It’s free: You just need to have your Google account.
  • Easy to install: You have to include the code given by the tool in all the website pages. This code allows Google Analytics to read the navigation statistics.
  • For everyone: This tool presents the data in a simple and easy way to understand, which makes it a very useful tool for everyone, with or without web knowledge.
  • Measure everything: According to the configuration we give it, it can also record data from other external tools, like Mailchimp (email marketing campaigns), Facebook, among others.
  • Customization: According to your objectives and interests, you can customize a special report to meet the precise data you want to know.

Now that you have seen all this information provided by Google Analytics and understand what moves your visitors, you can use this information to offer new and interesting things.


Google Analytics is a great tool for any business. If you know how to use it correctly, it can give you a lot of useful information on how to improve your website, offers and catch up with your competition. Don’t just look at pretty graphs, learn how to use them to your advantage, more attention, and more conversions.

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