About us

If you wonder what you will get with us, we can say that we are a traveling companion and always open communication channels. We love processes because they are what lead us to obtain results.
We specialize in solving each client’s specific needs with tailor-made projects, facilitating integration with their other platforms such as SAP, ERPs, POSs, CRMs, among others. Always to become strategic partners from the knowledge that we have been accumulating.We have an interdisciplinary team comprised of more than 60 people who aim to help our clients digitize their management and sales systems to be much more efficient, productive, and competitive.

Our purpose

Transfer knowledge is our passion : We dynamically circulate knowledge through close interactions to achieve joint growth between employees, clients, and the company.
We empathize with customers, thus impacting their business : We listen to our clients to create solutions that achieve business impact based on the experiences between people and platforms.
Innovation is the engine of our continuous improvement: Our “know-how” is dynamic. We are constantly evolving in the face of processes, technical and human knowledge to evolve with collaborators and clients.

Our Numbers


Juan Carlos Aristizabal | doctus

Juan Carlos Aristizabal
CEO – Founder

Giovany Gallego
Operations Leader

Daniela | doctus

Daniela Cifuentes
Administrative Director

Esneider | doctus

Esneider Serna
Technology Leader



Juju alianza | doctus
Technology-based company provider of incentives and customer loyalty products for businesses.


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These are some technologies we use for your custom developments.